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The Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates supervises the Paralegal Certificate Program Clinic


Areas of Service

The legal clinics are mainly conducted on Small Business Solutions,US Citizenship, Foreclosure Defenses,Wills & Estate and Worker’s Rights. Additional clinical legal services exist in diverse areas such as immigration law,environmental law, intellectual property, housing, criminal defense, criminal prosecution, American Indian law and human rights. In those and other instances we refer participants to other programs after an initial consultation.

Remember, legal fees are free when legal fees are allowed by the faulting party, by law, by contract or paid at the end through a contingency arrangement.

Worker’s Rights Defined

Everyday in NYC thousands of workers struggle to make ends meet. Their struggle is made more difficult when they do not have access to competent advice on legal issues, business and financial problems.

Our program believes that prevention is always better than last minute cures. We believe that workers’ rights are strengthened through preventive measures.

Worker’s Rights Focus:

  1. Wage Theft
  2. Unsafe Conditions & Workplace Injuries
  3. Workplace Discrimination & Harassment
  4. Paid Family Leave
  5. Paid Sick Leave
  6. Unemployment Insurance
  7. Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Consultations & Guidance

This FREE Citizenship Program does not apply to anyone who has ever been arrested since getting their Green Card.

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