Frequently Asked Questions About The Paralegal Program

Q: Is the Chamber Paralegal Program accredited academic?
While we strive to provide a high-level, interactive top- notch educational experience for you – with attorneys, excellent instructors, materials used in law schools and CLE classes, the Chamber is not accredited by a US Department of Education recognized accrediting body. This means federal student loan aid cannot be used in conjunction with our programs. While affordable, we understand this may present a hardship for some, it is necessary for us to maintain this status in order to produce the type of program we feel is most effective for our members which we seek to serve.

Q: My employer might pay for my course. What verification do you provide that I successfully completed the course?
Upon successful completion, you receive a Certificate of Achievement. There is also a graduation, so you can show a picture of yourself with your Certificate.

Q: How long is the Program?
The program is self-paced. This means that you attend classes and complete each topic as per your schedule within your one-year of membership.

Q: How long are the subject areas?
Each topic is 5-weeks; 2 hours per week.  The ONLY Class that is one session, 2 hours is: An Introduction to the Chamber Paralegal Certificate Program & Career Success Seminar.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, money order, check, credit/debit card and Paypal. When paying by check, please make it payable to New American Chamber of Commerce. For Paypal, please email info@mynacc.org and forward your confirmation page once you’ve submitted.

Q: Do you offer payment plan options?
There are no payment plans. Payment must be made in full prior to starting the program.

Q: How are the courses offered?
Due to the pandemic and an abundance of safety, all classes are held online via CALI and Zoom. The Program Fee is