Here Are 19 Reasons To Enroll in the Paralegal Program: Fastest Growing Industry; Pays Well; Not Just Law Firms ─Paralegal Education Can Open Many Career Doors; Path to Law School; Learn Skills that Are Transferable to Many Other Career Paths; Business Purpose: Startup or Expand Your Business; Advocacy: Civil Rights, Immigration; Know and Understand Your Rights; Training for Community Advocate; Stepping-Stone to a Political Career; Develop Your Marketing, Oral and Written Communication Skills; Learn the Basics of Small Business; Write Quickly and Well, with a Professional Tone that All Businesses Require; Learn How to Do Research Efficiently; Learn How to Read, Understand and Summarize Complex Pieces of Writing; Learn How to Keep Meticulous and Organized Records; Learn the Importance of Technology and How to Use It Effectively; Get an Additional Certificate which Enhances Your Resume and Opportunity;  Parlay Your Experience into Self-employment.


Welcome to the Chambers’ Paralegal Certificate Program: affordable, intensive, and thought-provoking. If you want to boost your earnings potential, learn how to become a leader or a better leader, then enroll now! The Paralegal Certificate Program has four main tracks:
  1. Paralegal Certificate Program for New and Current Paralegals & Pre-Law Students
  2. Paralegal Certificate Program for Shop Stewards & Union Members
  3. Paralegal Certificate Program for Faith-Based Leaders & Executive Staff 
  4. The Certificate in Legal Marketing is available to all participants of (1), (2) and (3) above.
The Process: Step I: Complete your registration; then register for classes Step II: Attend the Mandatory Orientation and receive your Class ID and passwords Step III: Attend all classes; we expect one hundred percent attendance and punctuality Based on the above, we believe that a legal education, the ability to do proper research, the ability to communicate your ideas effectively, and an affordable education can make all participants more productive citizens for themselves and society. It is particularly important in this new age, and also before, FAKE NEWS has become REAL NEWS even more. With our Certificate Programs, we open minds, and we hope with you, in turn, will empower others. At the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Paralegals & Legal Assistants and Legal Marketing careers, are described as lucrative careers. As we say in our Programs, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Class Information & Links

The Chamber Paralegal Certificate Program includes these MANDATORY courses:

The Chamber Paralegal Certificate Program includes these OPTIONAL classes. Choose any 3 of the following:

Paralegal Certificate Program for New and Current Paralegals & Pre-Law Students

Become a paralegal and join the fastest growing industry. It truly is a prestigious and significant profession. Simply put, paralegals help people, play an important role and are always in demand! Program Registration.

I have completed the Program Registration! Register Me For Orientation!

Paralegal Orientation Program For All New Students

Welcome to the Paralegal Certificate Program. At the orientation, you will: 
1.Receive an orientation package.
2.Receive your CALI ID.
3.Receive your CLIO ID.
4.Receive a tour of the various websites pertinent to your educational needs
Register Now

Certificate in Paralegal Studies & Certificate in Legal Marketing

A Prerequisite: Paralegal Certificate

To graduate with an additional Certificate in Legal Marketing these are the required courses listed below: 
• Introduction to Legal Marketing (10 Classes)
•Introduction to Blogging Boot Camp (3 Classes)
•Introduction to Legal Website Design Concepts (3 Classes)
•Introduction to Event Planning & Strategies (5 Classes)
•Introduction to Newsletter Development (3 Classes) 
Program Registration

Paralegal Certificate Program for Labor Leaders & Members

We believe an educated worker is an empowered worker. We want to help all workers to understand and advocate for their rights effectively. Our Legal Training Certificate Program provides the knowledge, tools and resources to do just that! Program Registration.

Paralegal Certificate Program for Faith-Based Leaders & Executive Staff

We believe that faith-based leaders and their executive staff have a responsibility to help, guide and support their membership in life’s challenges beyond the walls of worship. Our Legal Training Certificate Program provides the knowledge, tools and resources to do just that! Program Registration.


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