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Become a Paralegal Now! Learn Legal Analysis!


Here Are 19 Reasons To Enroll in the Paralegal Program: Fastest Growing Industry; Pays Well; Not Just Law Firms ─Paralegal Education Can Open Many Career Doors; Path to Law School; Learn Skills that Are Transferable to Many Other Career Paths; Business Purpose: Startup or Expand Your Business; Advocacy: Civil Rights, Immigration; Know and Understand Your Rights; Training for Community Advocate; Stepping Stone to a Political Career; Develop Your Marketing, Oral and Written Communication Skills; Learn the Basics of Small Business; Write Quickly and Well, with a Professional Tone that All Businesses Require; Learn How to Do Research Efficiently; Learn How to Read, Understand and Summarize Complex Pieces of Writing; Learn How to Keep Meticulous and Organized Records; Learn the Importance of Technology and How to Use It Effectively; Get an Additional Certificate which Enhances Your Resume and Opportunity;  Parlay Your Experience into Self-employment.


Thank you for your interest in our Paralegal Certificate Program. You have made the right decision to improve yourself personally and professionally and get on the right path to a career in the legal field. If you are already in the legal field or law school is in your future plans, our Program amplifies your skills and lays a solid foundation. An essential part of the Program is CALI which is used in law schools.

Are you ready to get on the road to success? To secure your place in the Orientation and Program, complete all the steps of your registration, which includes payment today. Please note that the Program fee is non-refundable.

*All new students must complete Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 before Class Registration*


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ONLY students who have completed Step 1 & Step 2 (which includes full payment) are eligible for the orientation:

An Introduction to the Chambers’ Paralegal Certificate Program