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10 Wardrobe Pieces for New Female Paralegals That Won’t Break the Bank

For those newbies stepping into a law office for the first time, this article is for you.  Maybe you
have landed your first serious job after college, or maybe you are making a career transition
move.  Depending on the size of your firm and the city where you are located, you may feel
pressured to " keep up" with the other females in the office.  Remember, the legal field is
extremely traditional and not too accepting of modern trends or even self-expression through
attire!  There are minimal accessories you can utilize to express some individual style, but mostly
your goal here is to look dependable, well-tailored and neat. Here is what you need to get started:

Tailored Pieces:
 One suit in a neutral color (black is the most popular choice, but gray, navy and brown
shades will also work).
 Three non-iron long-sleeve button front shirts in white and two other colors of your
 One trench coat in any color. This is often where many women choose their stand-out
wardrobe piece in their signature color.
 One black sleek t-shirt in either V-neck or crew cut. This is an essential layering piece.
Shoes for the Law Office:

1. Black pumps.
 Brown or neutral color pumps.
 Ballet flat in color of your choice.

Many offices have wardrobe policies to this day that strictly prohibit wearing open-toed shoes.
Under no circumstances should you ever even think about wearing anything other than a closed-
toe shoe into a court proceeding.  The ballet flat will keep you running around the office
throughout those ten-hour days.

Wild Card Items and How to Handle Casual Friday:
In the legal industry, you never want to appear too casual or give the appearance that you just
threw an outfit together.  You never know when your boss will call you into an impromptu client
meeting where you will have to make a presentation.  Many female attorneys will never wear
denim on Friday unless it is a holiday week.  At most, they might wear a tailored khaki pant.
Your firm culture will dictate what is acceptable, but the best piece of advice is that it is always
better to be over-dressed.  If you wear jewelry, stick to one piece as an accent and avoid anything
too loud or distracting.  Suggested wild card items include:  

 Interesting silky blouse covered by a jewel-toned cardigan.
 Structured handbag and scarves. This is one of those areas where you can accessorize
and inject a little personality into your wardrobe without looking inappropriate.
 One light sweater in any color of your choice.
When making budgeting decisions, it is usually best to spend more on shoes and a tailored suit.
Layering pieces and anything trendy can be had at bargain basement prices and no one will know
the difference.  Concentrate on building the bones of your wardrobe around neutrals.  Once this
is complete it is so much easier to add in color and your favorite new trends every season. This
will make your look classic and timeless, perfect for the law office!

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