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Negotiation Power

Negotiating your next salary can be tough, but remember that you are ultimately in control.  And if you feel uncomfortable at the thought of negotiating your pay, remember that it is a more common occurrence than you realize.

About 84 percent of managers expect their candidates to try to negotiate their salary, according to a report by

Know Your Value

You are coming in blind if you’re entering a salary negotiation with no idea of what comparable professionals earn. Check online for sites that calculate pay rates for various industries in different locations across the country.

Local trade associations also can provide you the average going rates to help give you an idea of a starting point. Once you have this knowledge, you can confidently understand your worth for a certain position.

Stay Calm – and Classy 

There is no reason to become upset during salary negotiations. Doing so will probably doom your candidacy. Instead, stay calm and listen fully to any offer that is given.

Once you have fielded the offer, take your time and weigh your cost of living, career trajectory and workload changes. It is important to have your ideal salary range in your head before any interview, just in case you are offered a position on the spot.

Never Reveal Your Final Number

Many candidates will list their specific salary requirements within their cover letter. This is a big no-no – unless you’re prompted to do so by the target job description. Once your employer knows how much you’ll be willing to take, they have taken control of any future negotiations.

The goal is to always remain noncommittal about this information, especially in the early stages of the interview processes. The time to begin detailed negotiations is when the employer lets you know the job is yours, if you can reach a mutually beneficial salary number.

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