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Ishaw H.

Knowledge is power indeed! The paralegal certificate enrollment was one of the most important and best decisions I’ve made! I encourage anyone that is thinking about advancement whether in their career or personal development, to enroll in the program offered here at the New American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) for several reasons: one is affordability; second, it provides you with practical day-to-day life information, strategies and expertise, plus a team of support. Third, it can be applied beyond the legal field to life in general. Finally, it creates more opportunities for business or employment and provides substantial information for those new or advanced in law and is geared to promote success, allows you to conduct or start any business with the right tools, from start to finish which is an asset in a diverse society. There is a saying, “We don’t know, what we don’t know”. There’s one way to find out what you have been missing: I highly recommend enrolling right now for NACC Paralegal Certificate Program.