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The Perfect Job Search

Does your job search look something like this? Post a resume on a major job board and let the recruiters come to you. If so, you may be in for a surprise when interest is a little less than you anticipated. The best job searches utilize a diversified approach, much like how you’re advised to spread out your financial investments across various stocks, bonds, and other vehicles. By doing so, you can keep your options open while making strong, cross-industry connections.

A Diversified Approach
You are a product in the employment marketplace. Here’s how you should market yourself:
• Post your job on major job boards and networking sites. Search them for specific positions in
your area or geographical points of interest.
Fill out online applications and send direct emails to hiring managers if their addresses are
given. Be proactive, not pushy.

• Think back to past employers, managers or peers with whom you built strong connections.
Email them your resume and let them know you’re on the market. Even if you’re not particularly
interested in working for a past company, it never hurts to reconnect with former colleagues.

• Hit the town. Attend local job fair events. Take advantage of outplacement companies.
Depending on your need for a new job, exhaust all avenues in your search.

Think Positive
If you’re unemployed, emotions may be running high. Will you find a job in time to maintain your standard of living? Will the right opening become available? Remember, the most important aspect of the perfect job search is staying positive. Lean on friends and family members for support. Join online or community-based job groups focused on finding great job opportunities for their members. The average search can last a couple of months. Stick to the grind and you will soon find yourself happily employed.

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