Using Styles to Create an Automated Table of Contents

By Deborah Savadra

First, Tag Your Heads with Headings Styles

Using the Heading Styles in a Word document instead of directly formatting all your headings gives you access to a lot of functionality, including the ability to include a fully automated table of contents in your document with just a few clicks. That’s because the Heading Styles have a built-in outline hierarchy — Heading 1 is associated with Level 1 in the outline, Heading 2 with Level 2 and so on.

Applying a Heading Style to your text is one-click easy. Simply find the appropriate level heading in the Styles area of the Home tab and click.

Inserting a Standard — or Custom — Table of Contents

When you’re ready to insert your table of contents, click your cursor into the right spot, then go to the References tab and click Table of Contents on the left. Either of the two automatic tables of contents will give you a quick result, or you can click Custom Table of Contents to bring up the Table of Contents dialog box to customize your table of contents.

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