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Answer the Weakness Question

What would you say is your greatest weakness? Anyone who has been on multiple interviews has probably heard some iteration of this question.
The key to answering it is finding the balance between coming off as underqualified and overconfident. You want to reply honestly but without crossing into either one of the aforementioned sectors. Here’s how:
Answer Honestly: Tell hiring managers what you are working on and what you have done so far to improve your skills in this arena. Maybe you aren’t overly proficient in a key industry software tool. But if you have been taking online courses to enhance your understanding of it, this can show your dedication to honing your craft.
Choose Your Weakness Wisely: If the job you’re interviewing for requires skills in bookkeeping, accounts payable and corporate communications, it is best not to list one of these as a weakness. Choose something a little further down the list of qualifications. If one of your weaknesses is directly related to an important qualifier, it could take you out of the running for the position.
The ‘Perfectionist’: Have you been labeled a perfectionist or overly analytical? These descriptors can actually be turned into a strength, even if you list them as being a weakness. Eluding that some people may be faster at the job than you, but not as thorough can be seen by hiring managers as an honest response from a candidate who pays close attention to detail.
Check with Your References: Before going on an interview, pose the weakness question to your references. Employers will likely ask them what you need to work on to improve your professional skills. Be sure to get an honest assessment from your references so you can align your response with theirs. This will help avoid numerous weaknesses floating around in the hiring manager’s head.

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