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Give a Professional Impression

How do colleagues, employers and customers describe you? If your career is important to you, hopefully the words “true professional” are somewhere in their descriptions. 

We all want to be the best at what we do, and carrying ourselves in a refined way is important to that goal. 

The good news is that acting like a professional requires no intensive training or costly investments. Simple behaviors and actions can help you earn the respect of those around you. 

Show Up On Time

One of the easiest ways to create and retain a professional reputation is to be punctual. Keep appointments, hit deadlines and show up to work early. Nothing says “true professional” like an employee who can churn out work on time and within expectations of quality. 

Look into digital tools that can help you seamlessly maintain your meetings, especially if your job requires numerous conferences, phone calls or online engagements with many clients. Track your time to make sure you’re giving enough of it to certain projects and you’re prioritizing the most important ones. 

Be Friendly

This sounds simple, but being friendly in the workforce isn’t always an easy thing for people. Differing personalities and stressful deadlines can make this hard for colleagues to achieve on a regular basis. 

Your goal is to be the calming force in the face of changing work environments. Motivate your peers to do better, but in a way that is collaborative and positive. Take on extra work and avoid talking behind your bosses’ backs. Remember to make sure every team member feels valued and every customer feels important, and you’re on your way to making a strong professional reputation. 

Dress Professionally

This tip may cost you a little money up front. It is important to look the part, so spending money on a few nice suits and dress clothes will be worth the investment. Dressing professionally gives you more confidence, which in turn positions you as a professional employee in the eyes of those around you.

Employers will appreciate your professional attire because it creates a positive reflection on their business, as well. So update your wardrobe today, and don’t forget to keep it classy, professional and formal. 


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