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Landing Your Dream Job

While landing a dream job is the ultimate goal when seeking employment, there may be several
obstacles to overcome before it works out. Don’t simply dish out resumes to everyone who is
hiring. Instead, focus on a few options that fit your experience and talents, then plan daily goals
to enhance your chances for an interview.

Get Online
There are many ways to find great companies who are hiring in your area. Online tools make it
simple to narrow down job openings by location, experience, and qualifications. Save time by
setting specific instructions to search engines.

Be Loud on Social Media
Think of these platforms as a chance to advertise your skills and network with other
professionals. You should try to join groups with other job seekers in your community. Help
each other find leads for positions. It just may lead to connections that will assist you later.

Stay in Touch
Once you begin the interview process, don’t forget to touch base with the human resources department regarding your application. Here are some tips to follow to ensure a successful follow-up approach:

Send thanks. HR recruiters and hiring managers love handwritten correspondence that shows
you’re serious about the opportunity. Mention something that was brought up in your initial
interview for brownie points.
Don’t give up. Hiring managers are busy. Stay top of mind by sending out a follow-up note every
week or so. Depending on how quickly the role needs to be filled, you may have only a couple
of weeks to make a good follow-up impression. Stay in touch with respectful, sincere
Even if you don’t land a position, try to keep in touch with the hiring manager. They may
recommend another opening for you.

Looking Elsewhere
If you don’t hear back from a group of employers regarding your application, it’s back to the
drawing board. Keep a journal of the techniques you used during the first round of applying and
interviewing and adjust your strategy. It can be helpful to let a professional peer critique your
notes and make suggestions.

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