Don’t Neglect The Cover Letter

In a point-and-click world, pressing the “apply” button on a job site can make submitting your resume to multiple companies fast and easy. But in such haste, many forget to…

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Tips for your Executive Job Search

Whether you’re already an established executive or looking to break into a position within a company, these highly coveted careers require serious strategy to obtain. Being in this role comes…

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Career Moves

Are you feeling stuck? Do you know in your heart there is something better and more fulfilling for you in the job market? Tailoring your resume for a career transition…

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The Six-Second Test

Here’s an eye-popping statistic for you: Many hiring managers spend six seconds on their initial review of your resume. Six seconds. “That’s hardly enough time for them to read my…

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Let Your Achievements Shine
Get your resume noticed by using action words

Let Your Achievements Shine

Your resume is a like a complex jigsaw puzzle. If any pieces are missing, you will sell yourself short on showcasing the complete picture of you. The most important aspect…

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