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Tips for your Executive Job Search

Whether you’re already an established executive or looking to break into a position within a company, these highly coveted careers require serious strategy to obtain.

Being in this role comes with significant responsibility to ensure the department or organization thrives under your supervision. While a referral from a professional peer can be a step in the right direction, you can still impress your way into a gig with a solid work history and proven record. Of course, your resume should highlight your achievements and qualifications, but you can also prepare an online portfolio or networking site to go into more detail. Research the roster of executives and decision makers within a company to get a feel for their career visions. It can be beneficial to adjust your social media profiles to appeal to similar goals you share.

Reach Out to a Professional Network

The connections you made throughout your professional career can be a huge resource to rely on when searching for an executive position. Reach out to peers you connected with in the past for new opportunities. Of course, pursuing these professionals should be handled with care to avoid coming off as pushy. Rather than asking for a job from the get-go, express your interest in sitting down for coffee or lunch to discuss the future of your industry. This initial meeting can be a great way to reconnect.

Make Yourself Visible

Become a pro at marketing yourself and the knowledge and expertise you have to offer. A good place to start is creating a professional social media profile where industry leaders can view your career accomplishments and goals. Don’t hesitate from bragging about achievements and the impact you had on previous ventures. You can also get in the spotlight by volunteering to speak publicly at keynote conferences or panels. Showing your expertise at large gatherings allows you to network with a multitude of professionals at once.

Nail the Interview

Before an executive interview, it’s crucial to research the company and become familiar with their objectives and challenges. Express your interest in contributing to the growth of their business and how past experiences can make you the perfect candidate. Confidence is key when meeting with a hiring manager, make sure eye contact is constant and you are comfortable when discussing your qualifications.


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