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What Is the Proper Way to Look in Professional Profile Pictures?

If you’re like the millions of other people wanting to get a job, you’ll likely turn to LinkedIn. About 20,000 companies use the social media site to recruit new talent. There are approximately 11 million open jobs on LinkedIn at any given time. However, any position might get hundreds or thousands of applications. One great way to stand out is to have a great profile picture.

Appearances matter and not looking right will hamper your chances of success. When you take a photo, be it for LinkedIn or a blog you are writing for, you need to know how to look good. Here are some tips for great photos:

First, save the selfies for Facebook. You need a high-quality picture, preferably from a professional photographer. Take two photos: one in business attire and another in a casual outfit. This way, you have one photo for professional purposes and another for more casual uses. The picture should take place in an appropriate setting such as an office.

If you cannot get a professional, then ask someone else to take the photo for you. It is much easier to get the right angle and distance when someone else is shooting. Take the picture in a room with good lighting and a neutral background. Be sure to take multiple images so that you can look through them and determine which one looks best.

Professional profile pictures should include you and only you. It can be quite confusing to identify who exactly someone is when they are in a crowd full of other people. The picture should also give the viewer a good look at what your face looks like. That means no sunglasses, no images where you are far away from the camera, and absolutely no baby pictures.

When you take headshots, wear solid colors and avoid patterns. If you wear glasses, you can remove the frames to prevent glare. Alternatively, you can slightly lift the earpieces by half an inch, so the lenses are tipped forward. Put on makeup if necessary and remove all sweat and oil from your face. Don’t put your hands near your face. It looks unprofessional. And of course, always remember to smile.

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