Flagging Incoming Court Emails in Outlook

By Deborah Savadra

Some of the most important and time-sensitive emails you receive are court e-filing notifications. Ensure these don’t get lost in an overflowing inbox by setting up a rule to flag these on arrival and even pop up an alert.

Since these notifications are usually from the same email address every time for a particular court, they’re a perfect candidate for Microsoft Outlook Rules. Rules in Microsoft Outlook can automate the handling of routine emails based on the sender’s address, the subject line or even text within the body of the email.

Create Your Rule by Going Through the Rules Wizard

The example rule in our video will flag every incoming email from a federal court and pops up an alert on screen. In the center of the Home tab, click the drop-down under Rules and choose Create Rule. Although you can use the Create Rule dialog box to create a very simple rule, we’re going to click on Advanced Options to go through the Rules Wizard.

First, we’ll tell Outlook what will trigger this rule. Because every email that’s coming from a federal court will contain “uscourts.gov” somewhere in the email address, I’m going to check the box next to “with specific words in the sender’s address” in Step 1…

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