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January Blues at Work? Here’s How to Restore Positivity

Have you got the January workplace blues? You might feel low now that the festive fun of yuletide’s over. Also, you may want to increase your professional well-being and not know how. So, here’s how to gain a positive frame of mind and embark on improvements.

Make getting up a better experience

Depending on where you live, it’s possibly dark and cold outside and getting out of bed to go to work isn’t fun. However, you can change your morning blues and lack of enthusiasm with a few tweaks to your environment and routine.

Make sure the ingredients of a tasty breakfast are available, and you’ll look forward to rising. Also, play upbeat music and jump in a warm shower as soon as you get out of bed.

Prepare for work the night before; lay out your clothing, shoes, and items you need to take. Then, you’ll avoid the morning rush to gather paperwork and find something to wear.

Create a plan

Plan how to improve your life at work. Do you want to advance in your career? If so, what steps must you take? A course? On-the-job training? Or you may wish to avoid gossip-mongers and energy vampires in the office this year; how can you do so? For example, you might think about not joining in with tittle-tattle or encouraging pessimists to offload their troubles while you’re around.

Brighten the environment

Could you take a plant to work to add cheer? You probably need to identify what to do with your festive glitter-covered poinsettia, which will look good on your desk, anyway. Other cheerful plants include azaleas and camellias. Or you may prefer a gentle peace lily.

Wall art, a daylight bulb in your desk lamp, and a photograph of you having fun with friends during the holidays will improve your mood too.

Add zing to your appearance

January makeovers can increase positivity, so how about revamping your workwear? Swap frumpy or unattractive clothes for beautiful garments that boost confidence. Remember that your shoes and accessories influence your self-esteem too.

Don’t let the January blues take hold at work. Instead, satisfy your urge to improve by brightening the environment and carrying out actions that put a spring in your step.

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