The Fastest Way to PDF a Word Document

By Deborah Savadra

Converting a Word document to PDF is an essential Word skill, especially if you’re dealing with courts that require e-filing. Make that frequent task a one-click operation by adding Publish as PDF to your Quick Access Toolbar.

Customize Your Toolbar to Quickly PDF a Word Document

Re-saving a Word document to PDF usually involves several steps: clicking on the File tab, choosing Save As, selecting the PDF file type, etc. Adding the Publish as PDF command to the Quick Access Toolbar condenses these multiple steps into a single click.

The Quick Access Toolbar by default sits above the Ribbon in Microsoft Word and in other Microsoft Office applications. In versions 2010 and above, you can add and rearrange commands on this handy toolbar by clicking the downward-facing arrow on the end.

The Publish as PDF command isn’t in the short list available here, so click “More Commands” to access the full list. That’ll take you to the Word Options dialog box. Here, under Choose commands from, choose either All Commands or File tab. Either of those lists will contain the Publish as PDF command.

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