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Why You Aren’t Getting Calls

If you find yourself being proactive in your job search but failing to receive interview invitations, you should review your strategy. A common reason people don’t hear back from an employer is by applying to positions outside of their qualifications. Make sure to thoroughly read the job description to discover what employers are seeking. Another factor that may dismiss your chances of employment can be found in your online persona. Review your active social media accounts for content that may appear unprofessional or represent you in an unreliable fashion. According to a report from the Society for Human Resource Management, 77% of their surveyed companies use social networking sites to recruit candidates.

Here are some other reasons you may not get the desired responses during a job hunt.

Ignoring Directions

Depending on the type of job you’re seeking, the application process can vary. Oftentimes, submitting a resume and cover letter or application is only the first step. Some hiring managers will ask to see previous examples of your work through a portfolio or website and may require you to follow special instructions when applying for the position. Their extra steps throughout this stage are created for a couple of different reasons. First, having a direct link to related work experience gives them quick access to a list of applicants, rather than researching each candidate individually. It also provides the hiring manager with a perspective of how detail-oriented potential employees are. Showing you can follow their simple instructions promotes your accountability and attention to detail.

Resume Issues

With all the factors you consider when presenting an exquisite resume, one thing you may forget to address is ensuring a digital copy will be visible once it’s received by a hiring manager. Since many resumes are submitted electronically, there’s a chance that your file may experience issues when opened. For peace of mind, attempt to email a copy to a few different friends to make sure it can be accessed without error. Your resume should also be tailored to specific listings. You can work with an expert to customize a document that includes the right keywords and highlights your work experience that meets a job description’s requirements. Common mistakes like grammatical or spelling errors can also be a reason your application was dismissed. You can avoid this issue by using grammar-checking software or hiring an expert to analyze your document.

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