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Your Second Career

An estimated 9 million Americans ages 44 to 70 are engaged in what is labeled a “second career,” according to a survey from the MetLife Foundation. So what exactly is a “second career?” For some baby boomers and older workers, it can encompass paid, part-time work that helps support retirement income or Medicare. Other people are exploring full-time jobs, starting a new business or working with a non-profit organization.
No matter how it is classified, finding satisfaction in a career later in life is becoming the new standard for retirement.

The Retirement Dream
You see the commercials depicting older Americans riding into the sunset — long days filled with golf and perfect nights that began by beautiful sunsets. For many Americans, this just isn’t a reality. Many older adults simply can’t afford to fully retire today. They may not have traditional
pensions, or their investments may have been negatively impacted by the Great Recession. In other cases, older Americans don’t want to stop working. They still find personal fulfillment in earning a paycheck or in helping charitable organizations. The aforementioned MetLife
Foundation study shows that within the next 10 years, 25 percent of boomers hope to start a business or non-profit. The vision of retirement has certainly changed.

Landing a Job
Secure, long-term employment is definitely an achievable objective later in life. Businesses across various industries are looking for quality, knowledgeable workers. The key is selling your value to them against younger – and sometimes more affordable – workforce talent. Consider your areas of expertise. Do you have a background in finance or business development? Many startup companies are looking for off-site consultants to work them through building strategy for their operations. If community work is more in line with your interests, there are many university and community college programs designed to train and re-train workers. Going through such a program will prepare you for your next opportunity while also helping you make important connections that could lead to employment.

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